These images were made while on the job, shooting freelance interior assignments. The series exists as a book from images made between January 2013 and January 2014 but is ongoing. You can see the newest photos in the series by searching for #sethsinthebathroom on Instagram.


Being in others’ bathrooms multiple times a week  as a place of work is a funny thing. While photographing a perfectly staged and aspirational environment, I also enjoy the act of creating a work that upends, brings in the uncanny, and a bit of the absurd. By interacting with the space and putting my shifting daily appearance on display, I hope to remind the viewer that bathrooms are both public and private, funny and serious. Next time you enter someone else’s bathroom, feel free to interrupt it as well. I love that the act of making these images is a playful way to deconstruct the perfection of the those I make for clients.


Seths in the Bathroom, First Edition. Seth Caplan, December 2014. Series ongoing.

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