"And Then I Said..." (Bench Stories). Part of Art in Odd Places, public art festival, 2011. Steel, copper, wood, mp3 player, speaker, audio recordings. New York City.

“And Then I Said…” (Bench Stories) seeks to create a space for passersby to contemplate the conflation of public and private. This audio installation requires the participation of the public and provides a place to listen to collected stories of others’ private connections in public spaces. This in turn, aims to create a new moment of private connection in a public space between participants.

"Untitled" (Moments Ending in Silence). 2013. Part of Collaborate:Create "The Power of Silence" 2013 residency with ForwardFlux at TheaterLab in Manhattan. Yarn, fabric, laptop, headphones, audio recordings.

Participants are invited, two at a time, into the space via instructions on the gallery wall. Participants are instructed to sit at either end of the triangle facing each other, and press a button sequencing the next audio story. Stories are recorded in the second person, without any proper nouns, and relate to an interaction with someone, which culminates in a shared silence. 

"Table for Two" was installed as part of ForwardFlux Productions' Flux Salon in Seattle on March 9th, 2015. Mixed media on paper, headphones, mp3 player, audio recordings. 

Two participants at a time are invited to sit at the table facing each other, and listen to the collected stories being played through the headphones. These stories relate to the experience of waiting for someone else at a restaurant, or intimate experiences for two on a date or during mealtime. The work creates a space for participants to contemplate their own similar stories, and connect to the stranger in front of them within that context.

Photos of this work by Pamela M Campi.

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